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Ryan Cummins - Guitar
Dave Cottrell - Drums
Joe Baker - Lead Vocals
Neil Franklin - Bass Guitar

//  Origin:  Akron, Ohio
//  Genres:  Rock, Alternative, Surf, Punk, Pop
//  Years Active:  2019- Present

The Akronauts formed in March of 2019. 


Ryan plays a Gibson Les Paul and a G&L Legacy. He was in several bands with Dave including Size 13, Mabry and Mayors of Mulberry. Ryan was in Banned From The Moon with Joe. Ryan worked for many years as a structural engineer. Ryan is a classic Star Wars fan and he thinks the that new sequels are garbage. Ryan’s favorite concert ever was Jane’s Addiction in 1989.


Dave & Joe met in kindergarten but were not in a band together until 2019. Dave was a meat cutter for many years. Dave was in bands such as Size 13, Mayors of Mulberry, Connor O’brien, Hollow Rogues, Mabry, and Rusty Soul Band. Dave enjoys riding BMX bikes and has a basement overflowing with Funko Pops. Dave’s favorite cereal is Fruit Loops and often has them on stage. Dave can’t stand the band KISS, and will fly into a rage if he hears any song by them.


Joe was in a band called The Gypsy Hunters and is still in Banned From The Moon. He was in choir in middle school and high school. Joe is a graphic designer and designs all of Akronauts graphics and created this website. Joe used to skateboard a lot but now he’s just a chicken. He rides his bike all the time now, so that’s cool.

Neal was in Banned From The Moon with Joe, and was in Trunk Ride for a while and In A Rut, and is currently also in D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F. Neal is from the Canton area and has played the old Buzzbin many times. Neal is great with dogs and doesn't mind sleeping in his car. This guy doesn't run from a fight either. I recommend being nice to Neal.




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